Senior Design Fact Sheet

In AY 2020-2021,  we received 21 requests for proposal. Our program is running 12 projects. 4 projects are sponsored directly by our faculty. We have two projects that are targeting Marine Energy Collegiate Competition by DOE. 3 projects are follow-up projects from the last year.

Team Videos ( 12 videos, click on next to see the next video):

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Faculty Advisor Project Title Sponsor
Dr. Kihan Park Soft robotic hand for underwater applications Multi-scale Medical Robotics Lab. Directed by  Dr. Kihan Park
Dr. Afsoon Goghari Wishing Wells 2.0 UMD Campus Sustainability & Residential Initiatives, James Jacquart 
Dr. Sankha Bhowmick Modular Ground Water Treatment Plant
XSyn Corporation, Abel Girma 
Dr. Jun Li Fabreeka Pad Slitter Fabreeka International Inc,
Luis De Jesus 
Dr. Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh Design, Development and Test of an Offshore Green Tower with vertical axis wind turbine Laboratory for Fluid-Structure Interactions Studies directed by Dr. Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh
Dr. Hangjian Ling Free-falling super-hydrophobic ball in water Ling Lab directed by Dr. Hangjian Ling
Dr. Kihan Park Davico Mfg Davico Mfg, Ray Surprenant 
Dr. Caiwei Shen Designing a Medication-Dispensing Mechanism
Pilleve | Monitoring and Screening for Opioid Abuse
Mr. Don Foster Ocean State Shields Proprietary Product Project Ocean State Shields
Dr. Vijay Chalivendra In-line tension measurement for stretch hose EOM Offshore | Advanced Mooring Solutions, Dr. David G. Aubrey
Dr. Wenzhen Huang ASME Baja SAE Powertrain Design ASME club
Drs. Dan MacDonald & Mehdi Raessi Design and Testing for MADWEC UMassD, Dr. Dan MacDonald and Dr. Mehdi Raessi