Water Treatment Plant

Project Code name Water Treatment Plant
Project Title Modular Ground Water Treatment Plant
Abstract In the twenty first century, technology and possibility have evolved to great lengths for fast evolving world countries, redirecting from survival to expansion of knowledge. However, there are some developing countries focusing on day-to-day struggles such as the lack of proper water sanitation. Water quality is particular to the soil impurities varying largely by environment and location. XSyn Corporation, a United States based company, seeks to provide engineering-related services to better the water quality in Ethiopia. Seeking out the help of graduating University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Mechanical Engineering students, an attempt is made to design a unique and functional Mobile Water Treatment Plant design to tackle water quality issues wherever needed in Ethiopia. The purpose is to create an affordable, mobile, solar-powered water treatment plant in a freight container that removes the highest level of contaminants from local river or surface water. As a project based on intensive research, contaminants in river water found in the regions of Ethiopia were determined. A full water treatment operation will be designed with mobility in mind for the flexibility of transportation through dry seasons to be used in as many regions as possible. The water treatment plant will consist of two stages of three prefilters, granular activated carbon system as the main filtration, three bone char absorption filters, and Uv light sterilizer as the final stage. Overall, the final design has been made to process and clean water that comes from a nearby river for use in agriculture and for drinking.


Faculty advisor Dr. Sankha Bhowmick
Sponsor Xsyn Corportation (VP Abel Girma)
Team lead Kale Young
Team Members Rebecca Bamber, Jesse Ory, Eric Ferrer-Portorreal, Kyle Owen, Christian Gifford, Joseph Manta
Video link TBA

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