Project Code name Team EOM Offshore
Project Title In-line tension measurement for stretch hose
Abstract UMass Dartmouth’s Team EOM Offshore was tasked with designing a method to measure forces acting along EOM Offshore’s Stretch EM Cable. Their patented advanced mooring solution can stretch 2.5x its original length while still providing continuous data flow from the sea floor to the buoy above. The underlying problem is that conventional strain gauges are an unsuitable method of measuring the high strain values associated with the Stretch EM Cable. Over the course of our senior year, our team applied engineering knowledge acquired at UMass Dartmouth to design an out of the box solution to measure the strain by other means on the cable.
Faculty advisor Professor Vijaya Chalivendra
Sponsor Dr. David G. Aubrey, EOM Offshore | Advanced Mooring Solutions
Team lead Taylor Lyford
Team Members Christopher Hover, Angela Pavadore, Madysen Eames
Video link TBA


EOM Offshore: Advanced Mooring Solutions: United States. (n.d.). Retrieved December 14, 2020, from https://www.eomoffshore.com/

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