Project Code name Fabreeka
Project Title Fabreeka Pad Slitter
Abstract  Fabreeka international is a company focused on the development and manufacturing of vibrations and shock isolation technologies. One of their core products is a thick composite rubber pad. The machinery currently used to cut these pads is becoming old and lacks desired design features, leading Fabreeka towards the development of a new machine.

Our team has been brought on to design and manufacture a new machine which will take in Fabreeka’s rubber pads and cut them down into strips. The machine will accomplish this task by driving the rubber pads by a series of rollers through a fixed blade. These rollers and blades will be adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of materials, and different sizes of cuts, respectively. Along with the manufacturing of the machine, our team developed a comprehensive user repair and operations manual. This manual outlines the proper use of the device, as well as the needed information for any repairs or replacements.

Faculty advisor Dr. Jun Li
Sponsor Fabreeka International Inc,

Luis De Jesus

Team lead  Jason Simonelli
Team Members  Kenneth Viera, Michael Hamilton, Matthew Grota, Devin Colon
Video link TBA

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