Baja SAE

Project Code name Baja SAE
Project Title ASME Baja SAE Powertrain Design
Abstract During the past academic year, the UMass Dartmouth American Society of Engineers (ASME) Club sponsored a senior capstone project in which senior engineering students design, test and manufacture a complete powertrain for a Baja vehicle. The goal of this challenge is to apply technical engineering skills to a hands-on project by designing and building a four-wheel drive, off-road, racing vehicle. We were provided a budget of $3000 dollars to ensure proper design and manufacturing. In future years, the ASME club will continue work on other vehicle systems, eventually taking it to competition.

Baja SAE is not just a club activity. It is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Teams of students from universities all over the world design and build small off-road vehicles. With the same engines, success is not dependent on engine size or tuning, but rather overall design.

There are multiple dynamic events including a hill climb, maneuverability test, and suspension test as well as a single four-hour endurance race that pushes the vehicle. Teams are also assessed in static events such as ergonomics, functionality, cost, and manufacturability of their designs in a business and marketing presentation.

Students involved with the project will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real world, hands-on design. Projects like these enable senior students to learn the necessary skills that will help them become successful engineers in their future careers.

Faculty advisor Dr. Wenzhen Huang
Sponsor ASME club
Team lead Patrick Elias
Team Members Devon Ferreira, Ben Fortin, Brendon Kidwell, Chris Obesky
Video link TBA

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